Are you a Local or National hospital or Clinic seeking on-site interpretation or document translation? Geneva Worldwide is your solution. Our linguists are well-versed in the  patient relation needs of hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare companies. This knowledge and experience is applied to translate and interpret everything from hospital records and informational pamphlets to doctor’s appointments.
From private law offices, International Consulates, to State Courts, Geneva can meet your Legal language needs. Whether you need your Birth Certificate translated for a Visa or Citizenship, a transcription of recorded court proceedings or an on-site interpreter for a deposition, Geneva has the qualified linguists to accommodate all your legal requests.
Social Services
We have been the sole provider of Home-Visit interpretations for one of the largest social service agencies in New York City for more than a decade. Our linguists hold the certificates necessary for these specific programs and agencies. Our translation department has collaborated with many NYC and NYS agencies to provide accurate translation in areas such as government outreach, surveys, and community notices.
Human Resources
Whether you are holding a staff meeting or distributing handbooks to your office, Geneva has what you are looking for regarding all your Human Resources needs. Our staff and linguists understand the importance of internal documents and how their accuracy can make the difference in a company’s overall productivity and effectiveness.
Do you need help communicating during a Parent/Teacher Conference or need your international school transcript translated for an American University? With extensive knowledge and experience in the educational realm at home and abroad, Geneva Worldwide can aid with all your translation and interpretation needs for the academic world.
Conveying a clear and correct message is of the utmost importance during a speech or in any piece of literature. Geneva’s staff and linguists are well versed with the nuances of literary translation and interpretation. This knowledge can help spread your message to anyone who does not speak your native language.
Are you looking to sell your products internationally and are having trouble creating your slogan in another language? Do you need to make a commercial advertisement for an international market? Geneva Worldwide has a vast amount of experience with marketing translations and interpretations, making sure all work is culturally appropriate and specific for the target market.
International Financial Institutions have trusted Geneva Worldwide to help share their company’s fiscal statistics with their colleagues abroad. Geneva provides well-qualified translators for your company’s reports as well as experienced interpreters who can assist with meetings in-person, over the telephone, as well as video conferences. We take pride in our non-disclosure policies, using state-of-the-art firewalls to ensure the confidentiality of your institution’s financial records.
The speed at which Technology evolves is ever-accelerating in the 21st Century, and Geneva Worldwide understands the need to remain in stride with this pace on a global scale. Whether you’re a Tech start-up company or a well-established institution looking to expand internationally, Geneva can provide all your translation and interpretation needs. Our linguists are well versed in the technical vocabulary used in the industry today from instruction manuals to production specifications in all fields including (but not limited to) computer, military, and bio-technology.
Are you looking to increase readership in your scientific publications, or broaden the field of participants for an upcoming convention? If you’re looking to share new studies and breakthroughs to the international scientific community at large, look no further than Geneva Worldwide.  We have an abundance of translation and interpretation linguists well-versed in fields ranging from Earth Sciences to Astronomy, Microbiology to Anthropology, and everything in between.
Would you like your News Broadcast to be viewed and understood worldwide? Do you need an international phone message for your business? Geneva Worldwide has extensive knowledge in the language needs of media companies and the equipment to help you conquer the international media business, ranging from website localization to subtitling.
One of the main objectives of the hospitality business is clearly communicating to people from all over the world. Geneva Worldwide can help create the foundation you need to achieve this goal. Whether you need a travel companion to interpret for you, or your company brochures translated, Geneva has the experienced linguists to ensure that your clients are taken care of.
Government Contracts
If you have a current contract for bidding, look no further than Geneva. Geneva Worldwide has been awarded contracts from many City, State and Federal Organizations. Through these contracts, Geneva supports the languages needs of a vast array of organizations and agencies nationwide.