Geneva Worldwide Launches New Site Page for Video Remote Interpreting Detailing How to Make the Most of VRI Services

With the publication of the new web page, the interpretation, translation, and transcription company hopes to help clients make better informed decisions on video interpretation services.

NEW YORK, New York, February 23, 2023 – Geneva Worldwide, a leader in interpretation, translation, and transcription services, announced today the launch of their newest web page highlighting the language service company’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services. Designed to serve as the ultimate guide on video interpreting, the new page allows visitors to explore practical alternatives to having an interpreter on site.

Geneva Worldwide provides video interpretation services to businesses of all sizes, as well as medical facilities, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. As such, the new page was designed with virtually everyone in mind. Consequently, it delves into everything from confidentiality and compliance to fees and flexibility. To ensure the page is as comprehensive–and navigable–as possible, it’s divided into more than a dozen sections that address topics like:

  • Why organizations are switching to telelanguage 
  • The best practices for video remote interpreting 
  • How video remote interpreting saved the day during the pandemic 
  • How video interpreting compares to video relay service 
  • The advantages of using video interpretation services 

While exploring the new page, visitors will also learn more about Geneva Worldwide as a company in general. For example, you’ll see that they offer accurate VRI services for more than 200 spoken languages, as well as for American Sign Language. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to request a quote, so you can discuss your unique needs. 

If you decide to use Geneva Worlwide’s VRI services after checking out the guide, don’t navigate away from the page until you peruse the section about logistics, including strategies for guaranteeing a smooth session every time. Thankfully, the interface they use is incredibly user-friendly, and you don’t need any special equipment beyond an up-to-date smartphone to connect. 

About Geneva Worldwide

Geneva Worldwide, a full-service interpretation, translation, and transcription company celebrating 120 years of operations, serves organizations across the globe offering both on-site and video remote interpreting services. With a history that dates back to 1903, we’ve been striving to stay ahead of the curve from day one, and we’ve since earned the distinction as one of Nimdzi’s Top 100 Global Language Companies. To request a quote for your upcoming language project, call 1-877-GO-GENEVA.