Additional Language Services for All Your Communication Needs

Geneva’s other services include Captioning, CART, Video Voice Over and other services used for specific instances where certain language support is needed.  In any case, Geneva provides experienced professionals and equipment to serve the needs of your event or situation.

Real Time Captioning Services

Types of Captioning Services

Captioning services produce a written text from a spoken source, where that text is usually in some sort of media output, whether on a screen, for a video or website, or other visual format. A common example is the captions on a television show or movie. Captioning is like transcription services, but for transcriptions, the output is a document (usually used as an official record or for a documentary file). Regular captioning services are not performed live (one main difference from CART or Live Event Captioning) and is done after the live or other speaking event.

Sometimes there is a foreign language component, but captioning can be English to English or where both the spoken source is the same language as the written text.  Often, captioning is used to support deaf or hard of hearing individuals who may not possess fluency in sign language – captioning allows them to keep up with the spoken message.  Overall, captioning promotes inclusion, reduces strain for deaf and hard of hearing individuals who may not possess fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and ensures better comprehension and understanding from the audience or later viewer.

CART/Live Event Captioning

CART services are speech-to-text and the acronym stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation but is also known as “Live Event Captioning.”  Although the word translation is in the CART acronym, this type of captioning does not need to involve a foreign language, ASL or a different language other than the one the speaker is using.  The key here is the “live” aspect of the captioning. As the speaker speaks, an instantaneous, word-for-word transcription is presented on a full screen for the audience; or merged with a video image, presentation and/or streamed to a website.  The captioning can also be accessed on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, television monitor or large screen.

This service can be utilized in several situations. If there are individuals who cannot fully understand the speaker, or physically located where they cannot fully hear the speaker, or, yes, when there is another language being used.  In those cases, a combination of translation and CART services would be combined to provide a solution. Sometimes there are events that are held live and simulcast via the internet with a remote audience or participants.  In other instances, for example for training or future reference purposes, providing a written text/transcription of a live event is extremely useful.

Types of CART / Live Event Captioning services

Onsite Real-Time Captioning

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Small group meetings or trainings
  • Lectures/Presentations/Seminars/Conferences
  • With or without simultaneous internet text streaming

Remote Real-Time Captioning

  • Meetings of all sizes
  • Ideal for conference calls and live video

Portable Real-Time Captioning

  • Networking events/tours/open houses
  • Wireless compatible devices with streaming text feed

Transcreation Services

In addition to more traditional translation work where we communicate the text of a document from one source language into another, Geneva handles ‘transcreation’ assignments. Transcreation services are usually used in the marketing, advertising, business, and literary worlds. This is where the social and cultural aspects of Geneva’s understanding come into play. Often, when dealing with certain advertising messages or presentation material, there are phrases, idioms, and words used in the source language that are not meant to be literally translated into another language. For example, ‘hitting it out of the park’ has a specific meaning and message that may not lend itself to a literal translation in many languages. Instead, the meaning behind that phrase or those words is meant to be conveyed and this often means using a different phrase or word in the target language, being cognizant of the culture and messaging. Aware of the cultural and social impact certain phrasing and word selection can have, Geneva is sensitive to delivering the right message to your audience.

Voice Over Services

Voice over services are normally used in television, film, theatre, radio, documentaries, presentations, advertising, and other media formats. Geneva provides voiceover work, often in conjunction with, interpretation or translation services. Common examples are promotional videos (sometimes in various languages), training and instructional videos and public relations work. Voice over work can be done by studio production talents or other professional voice overs artists, or even celebrities. Our professional voice over services are sure to convey the emotion and meaning of a scene, message, advertisement, product and/or service with the right tone, cadence and inflection.

We also provide transcription and translation services for your script needs in any language!

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