Geneva Worldwide Is Proud to Provide Interpretation Services for Afghan Refugees at Emergency Repatriation Centers

One of the fastest-growing language support companies, Geneva Worldwide is coordinating interpretation and translation services for Afghan refugees who have arrived in New York.

September 28, 2021 – New York, NY – Geneva Worldwide, a language support company with superior communication and a global reach, announced today that they’ll be coordinating translation and interpretation services for agencies assisting Afghan refugees. While the displaced families are being welcomed with open arms, they have a long road ahead of them, and Geneva Worldwide hopes to eliminate at least some of the hurdles they face in the process.

With the support of state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and NGOs under the coordinated efforts of the Department of Health, Geneva Worldwide will be there from the moment Afghan refugees land at JFK in Queens. Their language interpreters will also be ready to assist new arrivals with intake at the Refugee Processing Center (RPC).

After being processed, refugees will be directed to emergency repatriation (ER) facilities throughout the city. It’s here where families will start their initial resettlement. Naturally, they’re going to need help with securing everything from food and housing to medical care and ongoing work, and they’ll be able to rely on interpretation and translation services from Geneva Worldwide every step of the way. This company’s highly skilled linguists can assist the various agencies that are supporting the refugees in person, over the phone (OPI), and by remote video (VRI).

Some organizations aim to help the families in the short term while others are striving for their long-term success, and Geneva Worldwide will be equipped to serve all of them. Promising around-the-clock coverage, their team will ease the refugees’ transition to America by facilitating their integration and ultimately making it easier for them to navigate their surroundings. They’ll also provide a bit of comfort.

The language interpreters understand the trauma these individuals have faced, and they know how important it’s going to be for the refugees to foster a sense of community so they can preserve their culture. That’s why the linguists are going to approach every task with empathy and compassion. The agencies who use their services will quickly learn that even though the interpreters and translators act with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy, they still make it possible for their clients to forge a human connection despite the communication barriers.

Craig Buckstein, CEO of Geneva Worldwide is proud of the company’s involvement in the repatriation process. He said, “We are ready to assist each agency as they look to develop comprehensive plans to meet the current, short-term, and long-term needs of these new refugees. We are ramping up for the endeavor and have been on call as needed. We are working behind the scenes with the agencies to launch this effort.”

About Geneva Worldwide

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