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Are there any certified linguists?

October 10, 2019 May 20th, 2020 No Comments

Say you have a client who runs a business that employs a significant number of foreign-language speakers. Or perhaps, your client needs legal service who primarily speak another language? There are times when attorneys need linguists to transcribe and translate depositions, contracts, and a host of other legal documents. Once a person finds out that he or she needs an interpreter, it might seem difficult to determine where to turn. How does an attorney find a qualified linguist? What happens when you have a new client who needs translation services for languages the linguists you have worked with don’t speak? 

Here we will help demystify the language service industry, describe the types of services available, and explain how working with a language service company might be the best option for your law practice. 

The Case for Working with a Language Service Company

Finding a qualified linguist can be cumbersome and time-consuming. More so if you don’t have the industry know-how to gauge their competency. Without working in the language industry, one could run into problems ensuring that the linguists he or she works with are accurate and competent. Working with a language service company, however, means that your translators and interpreters are qualified and experienced. A good translator knows more than just the language, he or she must know subtle nuances in the lexicon as well as cultural norms that influence communication. They must also know the target language to which they are translating documents, depositions, and testimonies into very well, too. 

Some language companies, like ours, verify their linguists. This means that linguists must pass rigorous background checks and competency tasks to demonstrate that they understand their source and target languages, accurately and fluently. 

Beyond having access to certified linguists, working with a language service company gives attorneys a broad pool of talent who can speak hundreds of languages and dialects. Many of our linguists are native speakers of the languages they translate; this gives our clients access to translation professionals who have an intimate understanding of the cultural and social constructs that contribute to the evolution of language. A language is a living, constantly-evolving form of communication that is shaped by the unique cultural norms of a region. Translating involves more than interchanging the direct translations of words; a linguist must consider the unique idioms and societal customs that shape language. Additionally, on top of having an intimate understanding of languages, a good linguist needs practical experience within the industries he or she works—be that banking, government, law, or international business. 

Services Offered by Language Service Companies

A language service company with certified linguists can be invaluable to legal firms. Not only can a language service company’s linguists provide translation and interpretation support for depositions, witness testimonies, and contracts in person, there are services available for translation and interpretation on the phone and in video remote format. Phone-based and video remote interpretation (VRI) can connect attorneys and their clients to a pool of talented linguists who can speak hundreds of languages. These services are helpful for collaborative sessions like drafting business contracts, negotiations, and client sessions. Phone-based and VRI interpretation services also help keep costs down for attorneys and their clients. 

Our language service company provides trial support, too. Our talented team of linguists can attend court to translate testimonies and cross-examinations as well as transcribe proceedings in necessary languages. 

On top of spoken languages, our language service company offers interpretative support for people who communicate with sign language. Our company offers certified American Sign Language interpreters for the millions of people who rely on non-verbal communication. 

Multilingualism is becoming increasingly important in today’s global society. The United States is home to millions of foreign language speakers. In business for over 30 years, our language service company can help you serve your clients with diverse language needs. From ASL to Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and more, we provide linguistic support in and outside of the courtroom. 

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