Geneva Worldwide Granted “Essential Services” Designation

May 20, 2020 April 3rd, 2023 No Comments

Geneva Worldwide, Inc., is honored to have received the designation, last evening, as an essential business by New York State for its work in supplying translation services and interpretation services in support of COVID-19 and Coronavirus activity for its clients. This designation reflects and acknowledges the mission-critical nature of Geneva’s service in communicating vital information to those individuals and entities needing assistance in non-English spoken languages as well as in American Sign Language.

“Geneva is proud to provide government agencies and companies the necessary ability to disseminate information to communities and individuals in the languages they can understand” says Craig Buckstein, CEO and President of Geneva Worldwide.  The company’s services of translating documents and providing interpreters in over 180 languages ensures that important health messages, emergency notices, public hearings, employee information, and other information is provided to everyone, regardless of their language capabilities.  In this time of uncertainty, communicating with vulnerable populations is more critical than ever.

As a 100+ year old company, Geneva has been supporting clients to cross language barriers, including state and city agencies, doctors and healthcare workers, essential retailers, financial firms, lawyers, schools and universities, and other essential workers.  Our extensive team of interpreters and translators support our clients’ remote operations with telephonic and video remote interpreting across different conferencing platforms (both scheduled and on-demand), in-person interpreting (as appropriate with the proper health precautions/PPE), and translating documents and websites.  Craig commented on Geneva’s flexibility during the pandemic by noting “our ability to pivot to a more remote environment, for ourselves and our clients, has been impressive.” Keeping everyone informed in ways they can understand is a core function of Geneva Worldwide.

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