Lessons From an Offsite Event; Incorporating Hybrid Meetings Into Your Company Culture

August 5, 2022 November 21st, 2022 No Comments

It’s been 2 years and 3 months since Geneva Worldwide officially became a virtual company and adapted to the challenges and changes that the Covid-19 pandemic threw our way. We recently held our first offsite / hybrid meeting with our entire staff; A lot was learned, and there is now much to unpack from this phenomenal event. This event took place less than 2 hours from NYC in Callicoon, New York at the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center, and the location delivered everything we needed for a successful event.

Many of us hadn’t seen each other since early 2020, and for some, this was the first time meeting one another in-person, but our first get together (dubbed Camp Geneva) was a raging success! We felt it was important to have an event that would mirror similar situations we face with our interpretation services clients, so we opted for both onsite and virtual options for those that could not or did not want to travel. Similar to the many hybrid conferences we’ve helped to manage, our team has become adept project manager experts at setting up the room and ensuring everyone would be able to have equal access to the experience. Similar to the onsite work we provide for interpretation events, our project management team set up the physical space to have access to interact with virtual participants. This ensured the content had an even mix of opportunities for everyone to get together, but also enabled participants to break out into smaller groups.

The goals for Camp Geneva focused on continuing to build personal relationships, strengthening our strengths, and addressing opportunities to improve and improve the customer experience for our clients. This was a rare opportunity for us to spend time working on the business versus working in the business. What resulted were suggestions that will have a material impact on how we can better conduct our operations moving forward. We determined ways to streamline some of our processes, address opportunities to improve our company culture, and ultimately give our customers a better experience through some of the gaps we identified. Whether it was a small or large group discussion, or plenary work groups on a particular topic, the result was a large list of takeaways we are still digesting and implementing.

Key Takeaways:

In-Person Matters!

  • Even though we remain a virtual company, there is no substitute for face to face interaction. It’s humanizing, it breaks down barriers, and in the end, boldens relationships that have been blossoming online for the past two years. Communication is easier without technology and there is more flexibility in the