The Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting for Your Business Needs

February 7, 2022 August 30th, 2023 No Comments

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a growing and innovative way for any business to connect with global audiences, especially in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Its popularity is due in part to its flexibility offered, accessibility, and its ability to offer a greater comfort level over traditional forms of interpretation such as in-person or over-the phone (OPI) interpreting sessions which can often be intimidating when trying to make positive and accurate impressions.

VRI is ideal for those who do not have the time or budget to schedule an on-site language interpreter, and involves on-demand interpretation via a secured HD video connection with a phone or any other compatible device. This concept provides an excellent alternative to other forms of interpreting because it allows for the benefits of face-to-face communication without the need for onsite interpretation services. Additionally, with people who are hard-of hearing or have speech disabilities, VRI allows for free and easy communication through facial and hand gestures which further enhances the experience. This can be especially helpful in events that require quick communication between team members and business partners where subtleties may become lost due to a lack of expertise with sign language gestures. In certain situations such as medical emergencies, when time matters most, these rapid exchanges can even help with saving lives!

The recent pandemic has made video remote interpreting all the more popular and demand for this service has risen. This interpreting method is best suited for one-on-one or smaller groups because of the stop-and-go flow of conversation, and businesses can expect the following benefits from this communication tool as a result of its increasing use including:

It’s Quick Accessibility to Anyone and Everyone

VRI has become a popular go-to source for real time interpreting because it’s readily accessible and it’s fast. Furthermore, the ability to reduce the risks that are often associated with any potential interpretation errors makes this service perfect in situations where accuracy matters most. This is critical in legal or healthcare settings or with any business that relies on fast connection times, especially during emergency situations when there may be heavy importance on precise information from an interpreter.

A Budget-Friendly Approach

VRI has proven itself to be one of the most inexpensive and effective means of providing interpretation services. No one has to call in, saving time and money. There are no travel fees or associated hourly rates every time an interpreter is needed. Any business with insufficient funds to arrange an onsite interpreter can make the most of this tool. Additionally, VRI requires nothing extra, further cementing its reputation as a budget-friendly alternative. Unlike traditional interpreting, with VRI there’s no need to set up special booths, provide headsets for participants, or a dedicated tech team to oversee everything. All that’s needed are smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

A Source of Effective Communication

VRI allows professionals to get the most out of their interactions, especially in legal or healthcare settings. When words are not enough, and information needs to be interpreted precisely and accurately, VRI provides an invaluable means of communication, ensuring that it’s understood correctly. Lives and livelihoods may depend on every detail being heard clearly. Over the phone interpreting may result in critical details going unheard. With VRI, both parties are seen and heard, and with fast connection times, a more personal connection is formed and the gap that is often present between onsite interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting is filled.

A Highly Flexible Option

VRI is highly flexible allowing for conversions without the need for in-person interaction, or having someone travel to another location. Of course, this saves both time and money. This makes it ideal for events requiring urgent interpretation offsite. Video remote interpreters can carry out their tasks efficiently, effectively, and remotely. This comes in especially handy when you don’t have the resources or time to conduct conversations that require interpretation services in person.


Video remote interpretation (VRI) is becoming more and more essential for businesses, especially in light of the communication challenges presented by the recent pandemic. Given its surge in use and worldwide adoption, VRI is quickly becoming the gold standard for remote collaboration for organizations of all sizes. It truly is revolutionizing the way the world conveys vital information and is an essential tool for patients in healthcare or legal settings, those with limited English proficiency, and those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. When in-person or over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is not feasible due to a number of factors, VRI has tapped into today’s technology to deliver desired results.

With a team of 8,000 linguists who are equipped to support 180 languages, and an onsite studio where we oversee VRI sessions, we have the capability to meet and exceed your VRI expectations.

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