Video remote interpretation (VRI) is a highly efficient and accurate means of interpreting foreign languages. This technology converts foreign languages into your native tongue in mere seconds. Geneva Live connects you to qualified language interpretation service providers via video to interpret the language in question, provide accurate interpretations, and do plenty more.

Are You Looking for Language Interpreters? Geneva Live has You Covered

Interpreting is a challenging line of work that requires linguists to communicate the speaker’s intent without delay. Our team of interpreters’ extensive linguistic experience combined with in-depth knowledge of diverse subject matters makes the interpretation services process incredibly reliable. Lean on us for your interpretation needs, and you won’t have to worry about whether cultural references will pose a roadblock. Our aim is to provide a perfect interpretation for the targeted audience and to facilitate meaningful communication in an accurate manner as possible.


Geneva Worldwide’s Video Remote Interpreting

Geneva Worldwide is the industry leader in enhancing video remote interpreting technology for the optimal interpretation experience. Aside from our interpretation staff, we also have a world-class VRI studio at our company headquarters in New York. Our team offers equipment troubleshooting to guarantee the VRI experience proves successful and have a positive experience with our services. In fact, we can even coordinate 24-hour service to set you up with a skilled linguist that suits your unique needs.


Rapid Translation

Our cutting edge tech empowers our linguists to translate documents ranging from birth certificates to highly technical manuals, training materials, and beyond. Additionally, the translation process is guided by talented project managers who oversee the translation, proofreading and editing from beginning to end; guaranteeing clients are provided with an accurate translation every single time.  


Our Transcription Service is Unparalleled

If you need something transcribed in a foreign language, our linguists have you covered. We can transcribe everything from videotapes to audio tapes, CDs and electronic audio files across extensive materials. Tell us the format, certification, and time code you desire for your transcript, and we will provide the document in accordance with your unique specifications.


Desktop Publishing

Our desktop publishing artists are second-to-none when it comes to advancements in DTP software, graphic design standards, and typesetting. We recreate documents or add multilingual text to layouts/graphics in accordance with each client’s nuanced desires.


Telephonic Interpretation Services Are Also Available

If you would prefer an alternative to video remote interpretation, we can perform telephonic interpreting that provides you with real-time access to a worldwide network of telephonic linguists at short notice. Each of our language interpreters are professional, customer service-oriented, and qualified to perform accurate video remote interpreting. It does not matter if you are in a remote location, are saddled with a language emergency that needs to be resolved ASAP, or simply need interpretation services to save time in a meeting; our telephonic interpreters will tend to your language needs exactly as you desire. Geneva Worldwide is even flexible enough to tackle your video remote interpreting projects beyond regular business hours if necessary. This is the type of flexibility and customer service we pride ourselves on at Geneva, and we’d love to partner our language interpretation service with your business today!